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Social justice, fairness, and ableism

In his post “Who owns the world?“, Doug Muder looks at the ‘justice’ in social justice, and argues that economic justice – or fairness – requires recognition of one’s debt to the commons. He explains that private ownership of natural … Continue reading

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Liberal self-criticism

I frequently come across interesting articles and blog posts that trigger a desire to write, to explore for myself the issues they raise. This week, a long train journey gave me a rare opportunity to actually do so. These two articles were posted … Continue reading

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I was once an angry atheist, for a fairly brief period. Maybe a year or so. It came with finally giving up religion, after a long struggle with it; regretting the energy I’d wasted on it, and seeing it as mostly … Continue reading

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Religion is not the issue

I think — and I speak as a British person — when I saw the towers fall on September 11, one of the many, many thoughts that went through my head was, “We helped to do this.” The way we … Continue reading

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One of the things that really gets my goat is when the word “honesty” is hijacked to justify what is really just plain unkindness (or worse). Dumping out onto other people the worst contents of your mind about them is … Continue reading

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Miracles for sale

I just watched “Derren Brown: Miracles for Sale“, a documentary in which the illusionist Derren Brown exposes the tricks used by faith healers to convince people they are healed and get them to part with their cash. Well worth a … Continue reading

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Free will and responsibility

A friend on Facebook posted this article a while ago, explaining the various philosophical arguments on free will very clearly and simply for people like me. Not too long and worth a read. Basically the whole issue is responsibility. To what extent … Continue reading

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