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Social justice, fairness, and ableism

In his post “Who owns the world?“, Doug Muder looks at the ‘justice’ in social justice, and argues that economic justice – or fairness – requires recognition of one’s debt to the commons. He explains that private ownership of natural … Continue reading

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Liberal self-criticism

I frequently come across interesting articles and blog posts that trigger a desire to write, to explore for myself the issues they raise. This week, a long train journey gave me a rare opportunity to actually do so. These two articles were posted … Continue reading

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I was once an angry atheist, for a fairly brief period. Maybe a year or so. It came with finally giving up religion, after a long struggle with it; regretting the energy I’d wasted on it, and seeing it as mostly … Continue reading

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Religion is not the issue

I think — and I speak as a British person — when I saw the towers fall on September 11, one of the many, many thoughts that went through my head was, “We helped to do this.” The way we … Continue reading

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Miracles for sale

I just watched “Derren Brown: Miracles for Sale“, a documentary in which the illusionist Derren Brown exposes the tricks used by faith healers to convince people they are healed and get them to part with their cash. Well worth a … Continue reading

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Free will and responsibility

A friend on Facebook posted this article a while ago, explaining the various philosophical arguments on free will very clearly and simply for people like me. Not too long and worth a read. Basically the whole issue is responsibility. To what extent … Continue reading

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Animal slaughter

I overheard a conversation about boycotting halal meat on grounds of “animal cruelty”. I thought I would blog my reaction to this and see what anyone else out there thinks. First, I think we should keep things in perspective: if … Continue reading

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