Blogging daily life

So, I’ve got a new blog site for my daily life updates:

That’s where I’ll post them from now on. Visitors welcome, as ever, so feel free to go and subscribe there! I just wanted to keep Meaning and Truth for what it used to be – essays and reflections that I put considerable care into; my deep and thoughtful place.

Writing (almost) daily with a quick rundown of each day during the pandemic has been a very different exercise, but I’m enjoying it, even after nearly 5 months. I always used to do a lot of writing during times of change – I remember writing screeds during my first week in Malawi – I think it helps me process things, or avoid feeling overwhelmed. Also, it preserves memories really well and provides a way of sharing those memories or experiences. Maybe one day Eilidh will like to read about the pandemic she lived through, or the third birthday party she had to have online.

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1 Response to Blogging daily life

  1. susanne430 says:

    yes, I’m glad you decided to record these times on your blog! I’ll check out the next one 🙂

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