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How much did Covid-19 change our risk of death?

When I looked at excess deaths before, I didn’t think to actually notice what the normal rates of death in each age group look like, and how comparable or otherwise the age distribution of covid deaths (or excess deaths) was … Continue reading

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Should a forty-something woman in Scotland take the AstraZeneca vaccine?

A study published in the BMJ found that, among 18-65 year olds in Denmark and Norway who’d had the AstraZeneca vaccine (mostly healthcare workers), the rate of “excess” thromboembolic events (blood clots), i.e. ones that wouldn’t have been expected to … Continue reading

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Herd immunity was in everyone’s plan at first

Something else that seems very significant looking back. The whole paradigm we had in the beginning, of having a “contain” phase that is fairly quickly abandoned and moving on to a “delay” phase. This apparently was developed in planning for … Continue reading

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Covid pandemic, 9 months in

I’ve been looking back over my posts through this pandemic year, trying to make some sort of sense of where I stand after everything I’ve learned. Not that it really makes any difference what I think… but I like to … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Great Barrington Declaration

Three epidemiologists have proposed a different approach to managing the covid pandemic, in the form of the Great Barrington Declaration: “The most compassionate approach that balances the risks and benefits of reaching herd immunity, is to allow those who are … Continue reading

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Scotland’s covid whack-a-mole

Tayside’s mini second wave was squashed with testing and tracing: Grampian’s was squashed with a local lockdown: Glasgow’s is ongoing, and is being tackled with restrictions on gatherings in homes (as well as testing and tracing, of course). Before I … Continue reading

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Be more afraid?

I recently read a very disturbing Guardian piece detailing the goings-on in an Austrian ski resort back in March, through interviews with people who had been there. It seems this resort (Ischgl) was a hotbed of transmission at that time … Continue reading

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Pandemic deaths analysis

I did some analysis of deaths over this pandemic (because I’m morbid like that). I calculated expected “normal” deaths for every week of 2020, based on 10-year-average age-specific death rates for each specific week of the year applied to the … Continue reading

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How bad will the next wave be?

The prevailing view has seemed to be that the virus has only reached a small fraction of the population, and that lockdown stopped it in its tracks; lifting lockdown will sooner or later result in resurgence that is just as … Continue reading

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Blogging daily life

So, I’ve got a new blog site for my daily life updates: That’s where I’ll post them from now on. Visitors welcome, as ever, so feel free to go and subscribe there! I just wanted to keep Meaning and … Continue reading

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