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Approaching the end of the first year

Three months since I went back to work. The weather is finally getting warm and my daughter, who this time last year was getting ready to be born, is now rapidly learning to move herself around. These last few weeks … Continue reading

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The first three weeks are done. I’ve officially stepped over the threshold into the “working mum” phase of my life. It’s kind of a relief, no longer to have it looming in the future… no longer to feel panicked at … Continue reading

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In the autumn I took part in a women’s therapy group, hosted by a local postnatal mental health support service. I had been struggling with anxiety, mainly on the theme of health worries, but surprisingly, every week that I went … Continue reading

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Another four months

Another four months have passed since I wrote about the first four months with my baby. My partner has just begun his four months of parental leave; we are overlapping by two weeks, so that we can all adjust, and … Continue reading

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Becoming a mummy: the first four months

I first saw her at twenty to one in the morning, at the end of 30 hours of labour that culminated in a forceps delivery in an operating theatre. I was very unwell from the spinal block, uncontrollably shaking, and … Continue reading

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An update on my “journey”

I previously wrote about trying to conceive, and the setback of being diagnosed with endometriosis. When I last wrote several months ago I wasn’t sure of the extent of the problem, or what (if any) help might be needed. I … Continue reading

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A Muslim Reformation?

I recently read ‘Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now‘ by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. The book is an attempt to persuade Western liberals to stop regarding Islamist violence as a politically-motivated aberration that has nothing to do with true Islam; … Continue reading

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