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Covid pandemic, 9 months in

I’ve been looking back over my posts through this pandemic year, trying to make some sort of sense of where I stand after everything I’ve learned. Not that it really makes any difference what I think… but I like to … Continue reading

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Is lockdown worthwhile?

It’s so strange to find myself philosophically estranged from most of my social circle in the sense that everyone seems to be heavily pro-lockdown while I’m more of a sceptic. Disturbingly, the non-pro-lockdown voices being heard are mostly libertarian / … Continue reading

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Rules and fear

It’s been interesting to see how fully and swiftly a lot of people adopt imposed rules as an entire way of being in this pandemic crisis. I’ve just joined a Facebook group for people shielding (i.e. very high-risk people who … Continue reading

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Supposedly we’re at the peak of the Covid-19 outbreak now, or just past it. The concept of “the peak” entered discourse in mid-March, in talk of measures to “delay” it with social and behavioural interventions. At the time, we were … Continue reading

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