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The Sunday Assembly: church without God

I first heard about the Sunday Assembly (dubbed the “atheist church”) in the news earlier this year. Taking the form of a church service, it is a communal celebration of life (without any reference to a deity), aiming to help … Continue reading

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Status pain, and taking it one game at a time

A while ago I read ‘The Spirit Level: why equality is better for everyone‘. It presents evidence that a whole host of societal problems, from poor health to low educational attainment to crime, are related to inequality within rich nations … Continue reading

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Being driven without being driven crazy

I’m curious about the state of being driven, and how to do it in a healthy way. Is it possible to really want something, and – crucially – find the motivation to do what’s needed to achieve it, without risking total … Continue reading

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Clarity: my new understanding of mindfulness

I have been interested in meditation as a way of improving quality of life ever since I first read about it in 2004, and have even dabbled in it from time to time. I find its track record in healthcare … Continue reading

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The Happiness Hypothesis, part 2: morality

Being a moral psychologist, Haidt has included plenty on the subject of morality in his book. He is a self-professed liberal atheist but his sympathy towards religion and conservatism, evident in his TED talk, comes across in the book as … Continue reading

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En el aire

In the past 4-5 months I’ve developed a new pastime – salsa dancing. Although really, it’s not new, as I was first dragged into it about 10 years ago by a friend, and must have done it regularly for the … Continue reading

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Honouring the darkness

The following is a personal reflection I wrote and read out at my Unitarian church in March (abridged slightly). Much of it is stuff I have blogged about before, but I hope it might be of interest to some. Comments … Continue reading

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