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On parenthood: longings and fears

Part of the magic of having a child for many people surely is underlining a union with a beloved partner – preserving it forever in the double helix, to borrow from a poetic Jewel lyric. The entwining goes beyond the partners to … Continue reading

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Lean In vs Lean Out, and thoughts on diversity

I recently read “Lean Out” by Dawn Foster, a response to “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg. It gave me a lot to think about. I think these books together highlight two contrasting approaches to resolving inequality: one is to try to remove differences and distinctions … Continue reading

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Shame, pain, and protective ideologies

In the previous post, I discussed what I had learned from Brene Brown’s book “I Thought It Was Just Me (But It Isn’t)” about the way shame can arise from failing to meet expectations. A second major route into shame … Continue reading

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Delusions of Gender: so why do girls play with dolls and boys play with cars?

[This is the 7th (and last) of a series of posts discussing the book ‘Delusions of Gender’ by Cordelia Fine] We become aware of gender at a very young age. In fact, as Cordelia Fine reports in the last section of … Continue reading

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Liberal self-criticism

I frequently come across interesting articles and blog posts that trigger a desire to write, to explore for myself the issues they raise. This week, a long train journey gave me a rare opportunity to actually do so. These two articles were posted … Continue reading

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I was once an angry atheist, for a fairly brief period. Maybe a year or so. It came with finally giving up religion, after a long struggle with it; regretting the energy I’d wasted on it, and seeing it as mostly … Continue reading

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I’m sort of sick of the word “feminism.” If I had my way, we’d replace it with something less gender-specific, like “caregiverism.” That’s ugly, I know. We’d have to come up with something better. But “feminist,” to me, falls short … Continue reading

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