Friday 31 July

Cooked a simple stir-fry in my new wok at lunch time. It worked pretty well, and produced that beautiful dull clang that you hear in Chinese takeaway kitchens 😂 I’m not convinced I’ve done the seasoning correctly, as the dark colouring is uneven and has gaps, like tectonic plates of crusted oil. I think maybe I put too much oil in. Well, hopefully it’ll work itself out over time.

I had booked tickets for us all to visit the Botanic Gardens this afternoon. Bonus that the weather was good, although it didn’t reach the 28C we’d been promised. More like 22C, and overcast on and off, but felt nice and warm when the sun was out. It was a good half hour walk each way, so I got a lot of steps in today.

It’s typical in an outing like this that Eilidh will start out happily running around exploring everything, and then at some point she slows down and quietens down, seems less happy, resists attempts to hurry her up, seems drawn to whatever mundane thing is nearby. Today I sensed it’s maybe that she’s had enough stimulation, and wants to go into her own head, her own world, wants to find something to focus on and do her own thing with. So I tried to just let her do that. One of the things she spent time playing with was this rubber drain cover; stamping on it, tapping it with her “drum stick”. She was perfectly happy doing that and let us play it with her.

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