Tuesday 30 June

  • I can’t remember what I did on Sunday. Apart from some food shopping. Probably nothing much. And Monday and Tuesday have whizzed by filled with nothing much besides work, for me. Day and night. It’s been so bad. I’ve not had any exercise, today I didn’t even get dressed, I eventually had a shower after dinner and went right back into pyjamas. And it’s been tense and draining. Yesterday was particularly bad because on top of my heavy work situation, Eilidh and Andy fell out and both had a simultaneous meltdown. This is the third week of crazy workload linked to a weekly publication cycle. I’ll end up taking much of Thursday and Friday off, but this isn’t the kind of balance I want, really. I’ll have to find a way of streamlining the work.
  • The latest email from the nursery outlined a protocol for how it will work when they reopen: parent rings the bell, steps back 2m, and then a staff member comes to the door and the child crosses the 2m to the staff member, who takes their temperature, and then takes them inside to wash their hands and start their nursery day. I felt kind of shocked to picture this. I’m sure more than a few kids will find this distressing after 3 months of being at home. I can’t see Eilidh willingly going off into the nursery without me like that. So, another thing to weigh into the decision.
  • My phone didn’t make it. I got it out of its weird aliens-have-hacked-me screen by taking the battery out and putting it back again, but it kept blackscreening and being unresponsive. I must have only had it about 2 and a half years but it’s never been quite right (it was refurbished) so I just decided to get a new one. Ordered on Sunday, arrived yesterday, and today I finally had time to unbox it.
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