Friday 22 May

  • Had some work to do this morning but was finished for the day by 11:30am.
  • The cafe at the bottom of our street has decided to start offering a weekly treat box, so Andy ordered one (for a change it wasn’t me!) Two more scones in there to add to our collection…
  • Several other deliveries today, birthday cards and presents, and the cake, which looks amazing.
  • Having received that delivery, we all went out to Silverknowes. It was extremely windy but still awesome. I love that beach so much, it’s really become my happy place, and I think Eilidh feels the same way as she always ventures off with such gusto. Today she wanted to throw rocks into a little pool the tide had just left behind, and ended up splashing into it with her shoes and socks on.
  • Thankfully she was asleep by a decent time. We got her presents wrapped, then I had a go at making characters from In The Night Garden out of fondant icing. I got as far as Igglepiggle. It was very hard work and I wasn’t convinced by the result – I felt like he reminded me of someone, for a while I wasn’t sure who, and then I got it… Alex Salmond. (Look at the picture and tell me you don’t see it?!) The more he slumped down due to the softness of the icing, the worse it got. I put him on his back and into the fridge. We’ll see tomorrow!

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1 Response to Friday 22 May

  1. susanne430 says:

    How cute! Happy birthday, E!

    You are lucky to live so near the beach!

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